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Farmerplace Directory

August 11, 2022
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Farmerplace is a unique directory project! The founder Mr Theodoros always wanted to be a place where anyone can list their products in my country so he decided to make this website for anyone that needs to be advertised and get found easily!

New, modern with love for farmers and their work! Dont let your business in the dark.

Help all visitors around the world find you easily and fast all over Greece.

Explore all over the country!

Start publish listings to show everyone the details and goodies of your establishment. This is really easy you just need to contact Farmerplace and they will ask you to provide us all the information we need about your listing, pictures, videos, text plus anything extra you want to show to your visitors like your specific details, a pdf file, any other type of file, contact forms, telephone or email, social media, external website and anything you find proper in order to market your listing better. We can add any info! 

Start a unique project without fear.

Farmerplace is created in wordpress CMS with the most known builder. It has a responsive modern presentation, strong and fast search function and also easy navigation for the visitors.

A new site for bussiness listings!